Learn how to create and sell an online course in 4 days

  • Break free from limiting beliefs

    Learn how your own beliefs and behaviours might be holding you back and how to break free from them.

  • Adopt the right mindset

    Learn how six-figure course creators think and adopt their mindset for success.

  • Read your audience's mind

    Learn how you can know exactly what your customers want from your course and how to sell it persuasively.

  • Prove you'll be successful

    We'll show you how to ensure success by finding market evidence that your course will sell.

  • Put a game plan together

    We're giving you the best strategies to create and sell online courses in 2022 (and 2023!).

  • Deliver an amazing learning experience

    Learn how you can build an engaging and transformative online course experience your students will love.

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Aaron Morin is the Lead Educator at Thinkific, the most trusted platform for creating online courses and learning communities. He’s studied over 50,000 courses to understand what works for creators—and what doesn’t. Aaron has more than 10 years of experience teaching online and has launched online courses for Thinkific that have helped thousands of people get started creating and selling engaging courses.

Aaron Morin

Education Manager, Thinkific