More talking = less walking


Getting students to talk with one another—and with you—in an online community can be a super powerful way to boost engagement, course completion, and satisfaction. When your students are talking to each other, it means less work for you. You get to facilitate conversation rather than manically responding to every, single, message. It also helps create more perceived value for your new and existing courses. And all of that can have a big impact on your revenue.

It's like taking the fast lane to creating a community


Building a community that works for your students (while helping grow your business) doesn’t have to be hard. This course lets you tap into our instructors’ 30+ years of combined experience to flatten your learning curve. The result? You will launch your community more quickly (and less painfully) than figuring it out through trial and error.

We'll show you how to create more value, not more work


Managing a learning community doesn’t have to be a time suck—if you lay a solid foundation and run it right. So this course will teach you over 20 proven engagement tactics that will get your students involved and contributing (including ways to leverage key students to help). We’ll also show you how to create boundaries to help you manage your time in the community effectively.
Several resources fanned out

By the end of this course, you'll know...

  • The #1 thing our top course creators do that helps grow their businesses—and double their revenue.

  • The difference between community guidelines and rules (and why you need both).

  • The key steps you need to take to create a 5-star onboarding experience that engages learners right from the start.

  • 4 ways to market your course to get your first 5 members

  • How to set up your own online learning community on Thinkific using our step-by-step walkthroughs.

  • Over 20 proven engagement tactics to get your students talking—including ones that don’t take any of your time.

  • The method we created that will help you nurture your community while saving yourself from burning out.

  • The 3 things you need to be listening for—and measuring—in your online learning community to keep it healthy and thriving.

You'll also get access to done-for-you resources and bonus content

  • Complete Community Checklist

    Get the A-Z steps for starting, launching, and growing a thriving community with our complete checklist. Use this interactive checklist to keep track of your progress and to make sure you don't miss any steps!

  • Ultimate Community Builder's Toolkit

    Running a community space for your audience is a lot of work. Let's take the guesswork out of what tools and tech you should use to build and run your community. This is our ultimate list of resources and tools for community builders.

  • Ultimate Community Swipe Copy File

    You'll have a lot of snappy writing to do to set up and promote your community. This swipe copy file contains everything you need from emails, posts, descriptions, and other copy for you to swipe or use as inspiration.

Create your community with confidence

Learn community best practices—and how to put them into action

Explore the course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Thriving Communities 🎉

    2. Download resources

    3. Before you start

    1. Chapter 1 overview

    2. The 4 pillars of a strong community

    3. Who belongs in your community

    4. Establish guidelines

    5. Your community's visual identity

    6. [Workbook] Put your learning into action

    7. [Tutorial] Create your Thinkific community

    1. Chapter 2 overview

    2. Motivating students to join your community

    3. Giving students immediate value

    4. [Workbook] Put your learning into action

    5. [Tutorial] Creating your 5-star community onboarding

    1. Chapter 3 overview

    2. Creating your irresistible community offer

    3. Pricing your community

    4. [Tutorial] How to price your community in Thinkific

    5. How to write a great sales page for your community

    6. [Tutorial] How to create your community sales page in Thinkific

    7. How to market and get your first community members

    8. [Tutorial] How to upsell a community if you have a course

    9. [Workbook] Put your learning into action

    1. Chapter 4 overview

    2. Engagement tactics

    3. Instructor-led engagement

    4. Peer-led engagement

    5. Motivational engagement

    6. [Workbook] Put your learning into action

    7. [Tutorial] Using Thinkific to create engagement

    1. Chapter 5 overview

    2. Community moderation 101

    3. Creating boundaries

    4. Being proactive

    5. Support your core members to help

    6. [Workbook] Put your learning into action

About this course

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  • 2.5 hours of video content

Meet your instructors

Tap into our 30+ years of combined experience

Melissa Koay is an ICF-accredited life and executive coach. She has co-produced world-class online courses with published speakers, impacting the lives of 20,000+ people and generating millions of dollars in revenue. Melissa taps into her 13+ years of experience in education as the Education Program Manager at Thinkific.

Melissa Koay

Thinkific Expert

Meet your instructors

Tap into our 30+ years of combined experience

Kyrie Melnyck is the co-founder of the 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference. By offering retreats, conferences, and events across five continents, Kyrie has helped hundreds of people pursue and sustain location-independent lifestyles. She brings over a decade of event and community management experience to her role as the Community Program Manager at Thinkific.

Kyrie Melnyck

Community Manager, Thinkific

Meet your instructors

Tap into our 30+ years of combined experience

Aaron Morin is the Lead Educator at Thinkific, the most trusted platform for creating online courses and learning communities. He’s studied over 50,000 courses to understand what works for creators—and what doesn’t. Aaron has more than 10 years of experience teaching online and has launched online courses for Thinkific that have helped thousands of people get started creating and selling engaging courses.

Aaron Morin

Education Manager, Thinkific

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