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Chapter 1 - Creating Your First Course

There’s no better way to learn than by getting your feet wet, so we’re getting you started building a course right away! In Chapter 1, you’ll learn the basics of your Thinkific Admin dashboard, how to create a course landing page, how to add your course content (and upload everything with our bulk importer), and how to set a course price or payment plan so you can get paid (and make it rain). You will also learn some handy customization tricks, like changing your landing page URL, personalizing your course card, and collecting customer testimonials and reviews for your course. Finally, you get to press the big green button and publish your first course!

Chapter 2 - Setting Up Your Course Site

Once you’ve created your courses, it’s time to set up and brand your course site! In Chapter 2, you’ll learn how to make a course site landing page, how to categorize your courses, add additional pages to your course site, and customize the signup form. You can also bring your unique flavor to your course site by branding it (logo and colors oh my!), changing the main site URL, and customizing the navigation bar. We want to make sure your Thinkific site is 100% you.

Chapter 3 - Marketing Your First Course

Chapter 3 is all about course marketing. Coming up with marketing strategies might sound intimidating, but Thinkific has all the tools you need to build a successful marketing plan. In this chapter you’ll learn how to use coupons to offer discounts on your courses, create sales widgets to sell your courses, set up affiliates to promote for you, and integrate your system with third party tools. You’ll also learn how to share the wealth (literally) by splitting revenue with other instructors or content creators in your courses.

Chapter 4 - Managing Your Site’s Users

Once students are enrolled in your courses, you’ll need to communicate with them efficiently. Chapter 4 teaches you how to manage your site’s users. We’ll show you how to create instructor profiles, view student profiles, enroll new users in your courses, export lists of site users, and send mass and automated emails. You can also be your students’ personal cheerleader by viewing their progress through your courses with progress reports.

Chapter 5 - Managing Your Site’s Content

Chapter 5 teaches you how to manage your course site and course content. We’ll show you how to manage the videos in your video library as well as how to view analytics to see how people are interacting with the content. You will also learn how to export quiz and survey answers and handle publication requests from course administrators.

Chapter 6 - The Thinkific Student Experience

Your students are the heart and soul of your course, so in this final chapter we’re making sure you understand the ins and outs of the student experience. Learn how students navigate through your course site, how they log in and sign up for your courses, and how they manage their own student accounts. We also show you how your course admins use Thinkific and how they request permission from you to create, edit, and publish courses.

Did that sound like a lot of information?

No worries, because we guide you step by step through the entire process until you’re a Thinkific course creation wizard. All that’s left to do now is enroll in this course!

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Paulo Machado

Very clear, concise and practical

Well done! You really know what you are talking about Aaron!

Angela Newsom

EXACTLY what I needed!

I wanted to quickly understand how to get my course up and running. This explained everything I needed to know and more! If I would have just piddled around the dashboard myself, I would not have been able to learn about Thinkific's amazing capabi...

Bob Miller

Excellent presentation

Excellent presentation by Aaron. Lots of good information to absorb. I hope you have a great support team to work me through my first online course! Thank you, Bob

Paulo Machado

Well done! You really know what you are talking about Aaron!

Angela Newsom

I wanted to quickly understand how to get my course up and running. This explained everything I needed to know and more! If I would have just piddled around the dashboard myself, I would not have been able to learn about Thinkific's amazing capabi...

Bob Miller

Excellent presentation by Aaron. Lots of good information to absorb. I hope you have a great support team to work me through my first online course! Thank you, Bob

rachel jane

I have been waiting for a site like this. Everything you need to start your course is right at your fingertips. I can't wait to get started and get my first course up and running.

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All the content was well explained. I'm positive it should be a breeze creating my new site.

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Great info and how it covers everything. I love the 2x speed option!

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Brilliant presentation and easy to follow with the lecturer.

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This course covers all aspects of the Thinkific platform. Very informative and a valuable resource for those just getting started.

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This platform can do so much... I am so glad I started here before I purchased other tools and a website. The walkthrough was excellent and I am excited about getting started! Well done Thinkific!

Nadia Giordana

this was extremely helpful to me. I may run through sections of it again to be sure I have what I need, but I learned enough to give me confidence I can do this.

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Easy to follow, explains the technical bits in simple language, which I appreciate.

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Thank you Greg! Your short course on how to use Thinkific was very comprehensive. In delivering the course you also modeled how new teachers can use the tools Thinkific has. Well done.

- Jeniji -

After looking at many different types of content delivery systems, as well as methods to provide students with the best possible experience, Thinkific has created the best of both worlds. Not only that, but the way their staff works with you throu...

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Easy to digest and most importantly, easy to understand and apply.

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I enjoyed the training videos - they were short, easy to view and clear. A great intro to Thinkific and all it can do. I'm buzzing with ideas and I can't wait to get started creating and publishing my courses.

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Very informative and easy to follow.

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Let's fire all the bureaucrat teachers and professors. E-learning forever!

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Aaron Morin
Aaron Morin
Lead Product Educator

About the Instructor

I, together with the rest of the Thinkific team, are on a quest to make sure you accomplish all your goals for online education. We want to make teaching online with Thinkific an amazing and rewarding experience for you.

I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to be the best course creator you can be.