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With The Customer Education Blueprint, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to create a customer education academy that empowers your customers, ensures their success, and drives brand loyalty.

Learn the Art of Retention and Engagement

This transformative online course is designed to guide you through the process of creating an impactful customer education academy in a matter of just 5 days.

Whether you're a customer success manager, a business owner, or an entrepreneur, this mini-challenge course is your ticket to overcoming overwhelm and retaining and engaging customers like never before.

Transform your customer education in just 5 days

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About the course

The Customer Education Blueprint is delivered entirely online and is an essential resource for those looking to improve customer retention that have a busy schedule. Each module is carefully crafted with short and engaging 7-minute video lessons, practical examples, and hands-on assignments to help you start making an immediate impact on your customers within 5 days.

Plus, you'll learn how to ensure long-term success for your Customer Education programs.

What you'll learn...

Say goodbye to high churn rates and hello to empowered, engaged, and loyal customers. This short and actionable mini course offers 6 outcomes that provide a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build a successful customer education program.

  • Identify your customers' pain points and optimize their journey.

  • Streamline your onboarding process to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Design and structure effective on-demand courses that fit busy schedules.

  • Create compelling course content from existing resources and fill the gaps.

  • Measure the success of your customer education programs with confidence.

  • Utilize key metrics to prove ROI and make data-driven decisions.

Course curriculum

    1. Meet your course instructor Simon Dunant

    2. Introduction to the 5 day #CustomerEducationBlueprint Challenge)

    1. Identify your biggest customer success pain points and opportunities.

    1. Create your own customer journey map to reduce friction points and meet your customer’s goals.

    1. Create an outline of what an onboarding course to reduce the burden of repetitive training.

    1. Develop effective course content & identify areas in the business to find content support and expertise.

    1. Measure the success of your customer education courses and building a long-term strategy.

About this course

  • Free
  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Meet your instructor

Simon Dunant is the Founder of CourseProfs and a Thinkific Expert. He has over 15+ years B2B experience in building online learning academies, customer education programs and digital training media production at leading global companies and conferences including Engaging Networks, Eventbrite Inc, Google, Enterprise Nation, Startup Britain and Oxford University, helping customer success teams meet their goals around churn, client knowledge and digital support.

Simon Dunant

Founder of CourseProfs

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