Move-it March Webinar Replays

Learn four marketing tactics designed to get you an enrollment in your course quick!

Get started promoting your course today!

We put together the best of our recent contest called Move-It March, where each Wednesday we ran a live webinar to teach you one valuable, fast acting tactic to help you get an enrollment in your online course.

If you've got a great course and want to find your audience out there in the wild, watch our replays to find out how. These replays are great for first timers and anyone who want to learn a new marketing tactic to grow their online education business.

Start making real progress

This course will get you started building momentum today!

Aaron Morin
Aaron Morin
Lead Product Educator

I, together with the rest of the Thinkific team, are on a quest to make sure you accomplish all your goals for online education. We want to make teaching online with Thinkific an amazing and rewarding experience for you.

I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to be the best course creator you can be.

P.S. Give me a shout at if you run into trouble!

Course Curriculum

Building Relationships in Facebook Groups
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Using Quora to Build Your Brand
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Pre-Launching or Pre-Selling a Course
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