Craft better student experiences to grow your online education business

Online courses have a bad reputation. Completion rates are low, and engagement non-existent. Student experience is often last on the list of priorities for online educators, but it shouldn't be.

Great student experiences are the key to business growth for online educators. In this course, you'll get research-backed best practices and be able to craft rewarding learning experiences for you and your business.

By the end of this course, you'll learn how to...

  • Boost revenue with student engagement

    Student experience is a major factor in scaling your online education business is. Learn to deliver better results for your student and your bottom line.

  • Bring focus into your curriculum

    Learn how to stay focused on creating the right content for your course and help students stay on track and succeed with your lessons.

  • Increase your course completion rates

    Craft learning experiences that are proven to increase completion rates with 5 exercises rooted in instructional design best practices.

Who is this course for?

You know you shouldn't leave student experience last on your list of priorities for your online course. If you've got the drive but need the know-how when it comes to instructional design, this course is for you!

  • Anyone who wants to create a good student experience but doesn't know the first thing about instructional design

  • Entrepreneurs who have found demand for a training program in their audience, but need help building their curriculum

  • Course creators who are looking to increase completion rates, and engage their students more with their lessons

Start building a better student experience
for your online course

Get easy-to-implement instructional design best practices for your students

Dr. Carrie Rose, Ed.D

Learn from the expert on creating online courses students WANT to complete

Dr. Carrie Rose is an #1 Best Selling Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, & Keynote Speaker, Thinkific Expert, and notably one of Huffington Posts Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017. She holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida, wrote her doctoral dissertation on Professional Development, and is best known for her innovative teaching strategies & methodology, her current research is in course completion rates & connecting online course development with The Science of Learning. Currently, she works with entrepreneurs, online marketers, and businesses around the country to provide the highest quality of learning strategies with the greatest amount of impact on a variety of different platforms.

Dr. Carrie Rose

Educator, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Thinkific Expert

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • What to expect

    • Meet Dr. Carrie Rose!

    • Download the workbook

  2. 02
    • Are you ready to make an IMPACT?

    • Have you done your research?

    • How to bring focus to your lessons

  3. 03
    • How to use cognitive rigor in your course

    • Exercise 1 - Analyzing a concept

    • Exercise 2 - Analyzing a point of view

    • Exercise 3 - Comparing & contrasting

    • Exercise 4 - Synthesizing information

    • Exercise 5 - Using reason to support a POV

  4. 04
    • Recap & review

    • Where to go next

    • Before you go

Learn how to start building a better student experience

Boost completion rates, and improve your bottom line with instructional design