By the end of this course, you'll know...


  • How to outline your course launch timeline

  • How to create pre-launch content that converts your leads into sales

  • How to optimize your social profile during launch to remove sign-up barriers

  • How to create targeted launch content for 4 types of buyers

Natasha Samuel


Social media manager turned Instagram educator, speaker, podcaster, mentor, and coach. When Natasha first started her social media management business 4 years ago, she was overwhelmed with all the content she needed to create for her own brand and roster of clients. She realized how important it is to build an Instagram strategy and plan based on your business goals instead of gimmicky growth hacks or what’s working for your peers. Over the last 4 years, she's been implementing that framework for her clients including coaches, service providers, and physical products brands as a coach, speaker, and educator.

Natasha Samuel

Video Confidence Coach, Speaker & Educator

Create a plan and get your content ready for a successful launch

Lunch your course in Instagram