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    1. About this course

    1. Welcome to module 1!

    2. How to design for better engagement

    3. How to design for better learning

    4. How to establish a data-driven course improvement cycle

    1. Welcome to module 2!

    2. The first 3 things you should do

    3. Features & benefits to have on your radar

    4. Mobile-first tips for educators using Thinkific

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About this course

  • Free
  • Design for better engagement from students on mobile devices
  • Establish a data-driven course improvement cycle
  • Use Thinkific's mobile app to offer on-the-go learning

Meet your instructors

Dr. Bozena Pajak bridges the gap between learning science and product development. With a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Postdoctoral Fellow in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, she's an expert in investigating the cognitive processes of language learning.

As the Vice President of Learning and Curriculum at Duolingo, she leads a team of Learning Scientists, Educational Content Developers, and Curriculum Designers to ensure effective and efficient learning experiences for millions of users. With insights from learning sciences and Duolingo data, she develops digital educational products that not only work but also motivate learners. Let her guide you through the secrets of effective education with her extensive knowledge and practical experience.

Dr. Bozena Pajak

VP of Learning & Curriculum, Duolingo

Meet your instructors

Tennile Cooper is an awarded marketing leader with 8-years of helping companies shake up their brand and customer marketing to accelerate rapport and referrals. Her expertise in this area has made her a highly sought-after consultant and advisor, trusted by businesses big and small to boost their brand loyalty. She has built her own business by curating an online presence and rallies others to do the same.

Tennile Cooper

Program Manager, Thinkific

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