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  • How to hone in on one key messaging for your brand

  • The 5 revenue platforms you should be diversifying into for scaled success

  • How to position yourself to stand out from the rest

Sonja Stribling


Dr. Sonja Stribling is the founder of the Born to Be Powerful Academy, a company that empowers the masses to not just Win but Dominate! She is US Army retired major, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, national speaker for Think & Grow Rich - The Legacy World Tour, and former TV host on Bravo Network. Dr. Sonja is a transformation specialist, influence expert known as the "General to Giants" and best-selling author of The Divorce That Saved My Life. She uses her training and experience to lead thousands to their victory by using their inner POWER to ascend to their next level in life and business.

Dr. Sonja Stribling

Founder of Born to Be Powerful Academy

Learn the 5 steps to diversifying and scaling your business

Monetize multiple revenue streams