By the end of this course, you'll know...


  • How to plan, outline, and launch an email course opt-in that is so valuable and engaging people can't believe it's free

  • How to promote and spread your email course with people likely to invest in further resources from you

  • How to write each email to help you sell your course on auto-pilot, consistently

Regina Anaejionu


Regina Anaejionu is the author of the bestselling content planner, Epic Blog, as well as the founder of Online Outlier, an education company that helps passionate people create (and profit from) their intellectual property. Regina has been interviewed about "infopreneurship" for publications such as Fast Company, after building online schools with over 20,000 students and generating more than $1M in revenue her first few years selling courses and books online ($100,000 in profit coming from a single book). She now packages what she’s learned, in both the business space as well as the health and wellness space, to help creators publish more, earn more, and create meaningful change.

Regina Anaejionu

Founder, Online Outlier

Create an email sequence course that delivers value to your audience and sells your main offer

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