Selling B2B unlocks new potential for your business

Scale your operations with impactful, low-lift adjustments to your marketing and sales strategies

Are you looking to accelerate growth by going after new markets and additional sources of revenue? Or perhaps you've already started selling B2B, saw the potential, and are ready to fine-tune your strategies to achieve more? This course will deliver the knowledge you need to get started attracting, nurturing, and selling to B2B customers with ease.

Drive expansion opportunities with additional revenue from B2B sales

Selling B2B means diversifying your revenue streams and tapping into new markets. In this course, you'll explore the potential of corporate sales and how to find and market to new customers. You’ll learn about the advanced features that are available on a Thinkific Plus plan that are designed to help you sell to larger groups, manage multiple users and sites, deliver white-labeled courses for your B2B clients, and ultimately, grow your business with features that grow with you.

Find new ways to engage – and re-engage – your B2B customers

If you're already selling to corporate customers, you understand that in order to retain them, you must create impactful learning experiences and continuously deliver value through the customer lifecycle. This course will teach you the best ways to effectively engage with your new customer base and demonstrate the Thinkific Plus features that allow you to do it with less time and effort.

About the course

The "Selling at Scale" online course is an essential resource for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals who want to learn how to sell their online courses B2B using Thinkific. This course teaches learners how to identify and approach potential leads, survive the B2B sales process, and maintain a personal touch while scaling their business.

What you'll learn

Your team is strapped for resources and you have ambitious targets to meet. It's time to tap into new opportunities. This course offers five outcomes that provide a comprehensive understanding of B2B selling.

  • Why selling your knowledge products to B2B clients will empower you to generate revenue at scale

  • How to identify and approach new B2B leads and kickstart the prospecting process

  • How to adjust your marketing and sales processes to engage and convert B2B prospects — and what to expect from the sales cycle

  • How to keep B2B selling personal and maintain a human touch while scaling your business

  • How Thinkific selling tools make it easy for you to close the sale and get started with new revenue

Explore the course curriculum

    1. Meet your facilitator

    2. Recommended Pacing

    3. Key Learning points (AKA Treasure Map)

    4. How to use the course workbook?

    1. Get Pulled Out of Your Comfort Zone

    2. Scale

    3. Find Your Why

    4. Exercise 1 - Find Your Why

    5. Brand Association

    6. Exercise 2 - Brand Association

    1. Chapter Intro

    2. Number of Stakeholders

    3. Selling to decision makers

    4. Longer Process

    5. Values Over Money

    6. When In Doubt Listen To Your Gut

    7. Inspiration: Additional approach to Muscle Testing

    8. Exercise

    9. Exercise 2 - Brand Association (Continued)

    10. Chapter Recap

    1. Chapter Intro

    2. The Pre-Sale Process

    3. The Post-Sale Process

    1. Chapter Intro

    2. Your current user base

    3. Linkedin

    4. Values first. Patience is a Virtue.

    5. Exercise 3 - Find B2B Leads

    1. Chapter Intro

    2. Recap: B2C Pricing Models

    3. Per Seat Agreement

    4. Per Site Agreement

    5. Length of Contract

    6. Demo / Test Group

About this course

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  • 55 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Meet your instructor

Yasaf Burshan

Yasaf is the Founder and CEO of Team Genius. Team Genius' mission is to inspire and empower Creator Educators to make an impact by effectively integrating technology in all areas of their business to make them more productive and help them scale. With over 25 years of experience, Yasaf is a certified Thinkific agency partner and an expert educator in the topics of entrepreneurship, business ownership, technology, and creativity.