30 in 30 Challenge

Learn how to get 30 new enrollments in just 30 days.

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It seems easy on the surface. You hear of other people finding success creating online courses, and it looks like all they did was shoot a few videos, upload them to their site, and voila, enrollments start pouring in. Overnight success, here I come!

Then you actually do it and you realize there’s a lot more to it than shoot and load. There’s all that marketing and selling you need to do. Snapchat, Twitter, Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, webinars, content marketing, SEO, copywriting, and on, and on, and on.

So much for overnight success.

Here’s the truth. To get that overnight success you need to put in months of work. Put in the work to create your course, and then put in the work to promote your course.

At Thinkific, we make it extremely easy to create courses. Our technology removes all the headaches previously involved in creating a course site. Now you don’t need to worry about hosting, plugins, updates, security, logins, student profiles, payment gateways, automation, software development, or any other technical stuff. It’s all taken care of in one platform.

But there’s still that other piece of the puzzle. The promotion. How do you get your course in front of the right people, people who will buy it and consume it? If you’ve never done much online marketing before, this could be a huge problem for you.

So, just like we solved the technology problem, we’re also going to solve the marketing problem for you. After all, our motto is empowering course creators and so we’re going to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to promote your courses.

Introducing The 30 In 30 Challenge

We’re excited to announce a new program called 30 in 30. Our aim is to help you get 30 new enrollments in 30 days. By the end of June, if you follow along and do everything we tell you, you’ll have 30 new paying students. If your course is priced at $100, that’s $3,000 in revenue in just a month!

The key here is that you follow along and do the work. We’re going to have multiple live events over the month, taking you step-by-step from optimizing your course site for maximum conversions to building a massive email list and converting them to course sales. But it’s not enough for you to simply attend these events. At the end of each live event, we’ll be giving you specific assignments and you must complete them before coming to the next class.

To make it as straightforward for you as possible, we’re going to make each session actionable, simple, low-cost and achievable in a short time frame. That means we’ll focus on a handful of marketing strategies aimed at generating maximum returns for the time and effort you put in. Even if you already have thousands of students, you’ll learn something new.

So if you were thinking that you didn’t have the time to do this, or the energy, or the money, you’re out of excuses! But just in case you needed a little extra push, we’ve got some incentives for you.

If you do the assignments and hit the goal of 30 new enrollments, you’ll get a chance to win the Grand Prize of:

  • A one-on-one course review and consultation with Business Coach Tash Corbin
  • Featured promotion of your course on the Thinkific blog and newsletter
  • A book library of the top 5 online course creation books

Sounds good? Before you hit the sign-up button, there’s one thing you need to know. We’re giving you a lot of tools and training to get you to 30 new enrollments this month, so we need you to commit to this. You need to mark your calendars when we send out the curriculum and do the assignments after each workshop.

Do the work, and reap the rewards. Are you ready for this?

Andrea Merson
Andrea Merson
Marketing Specialist

Andrea is a marketing maven with a background in business and advertising. She’s helped countless business, from small independent entrepreneurs to large Multinational Corporations, refine their brand, develop marketing strategies, and increase sales. And all of course, while having a whole lot of fun. Andrea’s also a pro-cake decorator working on her own Cake Decorating course.

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5 - How To Leverage Forums To Sell Your Courses. Hint: Forums Are Your Friend (June 16th)
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6 - How Speaking Offline Will Help You Sell Online (June 20)
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8 - LIVE EVENT: Ask Greg Anything! (June 27th)
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